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Oh my lord this place is annoying! The current renovations going on are just ridiculous! I have been woken up every day this week by loud hammering and drilling! Plus I just had to wait (in the disgusting burnt plastic fumes) at least 7 minutes to catch an elevator since the other one is strictly […]

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What is Eggitt?

If you've stumbled upon this site it's more than likely you've just had a shocking experience. Whether it was a cold meal shoved in front of you by a rude waiter or a product that broke after only a few uses or perhaps that hair infested baguette you just hungrily hunkered into. If that sounds fimiliar then you have come to the right place.

If you want a quick and easy rant simply add an egg and instantly share your negative experience with the world. We encourage you to be as honest as possible but also try and leave some constructive critisism so that the establishment can learn from its mistakes and we can benefit from potential improvements.

If you feel, like us, cursed by negative experiences—then sign up. You can earn points and begin to rank higher on the top eggers chart. The higher you rank the more power you have when sharing your opinion.

If you do not fancy writing an Egg you can browse the site and agree or disagree with other users to help get accurate advice on businesses and products.

The point of Eggitt is firstly to warn others against goods and services that aren't up to scratch but we strongly encourage you to leave a few ideas/things you would do to improve the situation to help those egged businesses so they see that there is a problem with their business.

This site and your comments will hopefully be a catalyst for improvements in businesses around the globe.

So for improvements everywhere, throw your opinion. Cheers.

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