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Oh my lord this place is annoying! The current renovations going on are just ridiculous! I have been woken up every day this week by loud hammering and drilling! Plus I just had to wait (in the disgusting burnt plastic fumes) at least 7 minutes to catch an elevator since the other one is strictly for the construction workers but ends up being un used for the majority of the day! Why do they even need their own elevator?!! I seriously dont understand why they wouldn’t wait till the christmas holidays or something when this place is pretty much dead to do the renovations. I have not had a very good experience living here this year. When I went down to ask why the noises were so loud in my room (since the renovations are happening on the opposite side of my floor). They said that the noise must be carrying and “aren’t you lucky.” They are so rude!

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"A little less talk, a little more action"

I always thought Virgin was a wonderful company but after my recent experience with them I think I shall stick with Qantas! From the begin to the end of the flight I was subject to rude service with hostesses that acted like they would rather be anywhere else. When I arrived at my seat I was excited to see a large Menu as I was quite hungry however I was extremely disappointed to fine the Menu served a total of 4 items; 2 of which were not available on my flight since it was under 3hrs. Literally half of their large menu with minimal options was taken up by Virgin boasting about their “celebrity chef” which created the 4 menu items, yet each meal sounded cheap and disgusting. I ended up buying some overpriced cheese and crackers which was more simular to a meal found in my high school lunch box than a meal on an airline with a celebrity chief!!! So I suggest Virgin spend less time talking about how great they are and more time proving it!!!

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"Over priced and terrible"

The omelettes are a disgusting disappointment! I also saw the waiter drop a piece of toast and put it back on the plate!!! He did end up replacing the toast but it still touched everything else on the plate! Plus they got my order wrong.

For some strange reason I went back for breakfast a week later and order the salmon eggs Benedict which was a terrible mistake. The meal was drenched in what tasted like a store bought hollandaise sauce.

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So we called up dodo to start up one of their Internet plans and now a month later still no Internet!! Well actually the Internet has been set up but we are yet to receive our modem! So we are paying for the Internet but have no way of using it!! Apparently we are supposed to receive some kind of discount because of this stuff up but we have no idea what that will be. Just an annoying company to deal with overall.

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"Office doesn’t work"

Just generally bad in every way. Unfriendly service, Depressing location and inconvenient lack of escalator going down. Also they make you pay for plastic bags! Which is rediculous! Plus I was wrongly advised on how to fix my printer and spent 150 dollars buying something i didn’t need which the unfriendly employes told me to buy. He didn’t even tell me anything about it either. Also I needed to print something for uni since they advertise printing services however I was rudely told by the man working there that I need to make a booking!

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"Its too hot in the Cactus Republic."

I am a mild girl with mild tastes but I do love a touch of jalapenos every now and then so ordered a jalapenos quesidilla and it was just not pleasent in my mouth, it was just terrible and I dont know how anyone that can handle that without their face melting off from the heat.

I think jalapenos are delisiucs but it was basically a huge amount of jalapenos with a tiny bit of bread and cheese.

Also the beef taco was dry and tough, it was random stripes of tough beef. The chicken taco was chicken in the form of how tuna usually comes so it was basically a tuna chicken taco and was just unimpressive and discusting.

But I do hear the burittos are good and will try them next.

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"Who even wakes up before 10.30am!!"

So I woke up this morning (by morning I mean around 2pm) Craving a delicious deep fried hash brown. Unfortunately the breakfast menu at macdonalds closes at like 10.30am! I don’t even understand the logic behind that! Pretty much everyone I know wants a 24 hour breakfast menu!! I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much to add a few hash browns, hot cakes and macmuffins to the all day menu! Breakfast is clearly the most delicious meal of the day and I am sure Maccas would gain many more customers if they took this advice!!

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"Hungry travel"

I am hungry and there is only one cafe option in my terminal/gate area!! GET MORE FOOD!! Seriously! The terminal in Cairns has more options!! Up your game!!

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"Dodgey dodgey dodgey!!!"

Just plain dodgey! The doctor seem nice but lack in good advice!! I found the pharmacy in the myer center to be so much more helpful!!

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Well first of all, I am sorry for egging dodo twice in a matter of days but seriously wtf? And it’s their own fault because if I had Internet on my computer I could go on and edit my previous egg! But I can’t because the modem they said they sent at the start of the month actually wasn’t shipped till 2 days ago!! At least they express posted it, we just revived it, only thing is its not connecting to our Internet line!!! Seriously! We have been waiting for over a month and the connection isn’t even even working! We called up technical support and they put us on hold and while we are on hold all these other people keep picking up trying to get us to change our phone plans to dodo? Noooooo thank you. I have had enough dodo for a lifetime. On the plus side the Internet is not working, but this whole process was just frustrating!!

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