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"Telstra, old fashioned, slow, boring brand"

I cannot express strongly enough how much I hate Telstra, they are certainly in my top two most hated companies in the world. The effort they go through to make things difficult for everyone is insane.

I went to them for broadband because they are suppose to be fast and reliable. They are the hardest company to deal with, it was such a long annoying process to get internet, I am totally regretting that I went with them at all.

It took over a month to get signed up and because we were moving into a new house it made the whole thing even harder.

We now have the Internet in our house and I will admit that the internet is good but the service was horrible and I am dreading if I ever have to deal with the company to fix anything.

The telstra shops are awful and they should all be closed, their tech support should be moved back to Australia and the company should just give up.

The new NBN cannot come fast enough but unfortunately I just signed a 2 year deal for the Internet. Oh and I had to get a home phone as well. Who has a home phone nowadays it is ridiculous, get with the times Telstra.

Your company could be dramatically improved so easily and your customer experience made so much smoother. For crying out loud the sales staff in the Telstra shop were using Internet explorer 6, I wanted to vomit. You can tell all you need to know about a company by what browser the staff are using and ie6 is the alsbolute worst possible, I would have felt better if they had been using Netscape on dial up.

P.s the staff in the shop did not have a clue what they were on about, two different people did not know what was going on when they were signing me up. Luckily I knew exactly what I wanted. I even had to direct the staff to where the information was located of the website.

If someone at Telstra is reading this I would be happy to offer a free consultation with your CEO to offer my suggestions to how you could improve, I will check back in the comments in the future.

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"I got 99 problems and they all f***ing Telstra"

The company is just a pain in the neck to deal with. So over it.

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"Movie Studio intros on DVDs need to go for a swim with the fishes."

With all due respect to Movie Studios I love your films but I personally do not care if a film is by Warner Bros or Lucas Films or whatever.

Once I have a DVD in my DVD player I have already paid you money, why annoy me by not letting me skip your movie studio intros. I have seen them literally thousands of times and I will reiterate, I will not, not see or see a movie based on what studio puts the film out.

I just want speed and ease in my life, please let me skip your intros and get to the main event. Thank you

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"Don’t bother with the pizza."

Not worth the $7 dollars.

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"Why do you need my personal info to buy coffee. STUPID."

Why on earth do I HAVE to sign up to buy coffee capsules. It took way too long and was so bloody annoying. I just needed to buy coffee for a friend to do a nice favour and I ended up being in that stupid “boutique” for way too long handing over all kinds of personal information so I could buy a COFFEE. What is the World coming too.

I honestly do not want you to keep track of how much coffee I have been drinking and what flavours I like, I know all that info I dont need you to tell me.

Shopping should be as easy as possible and it seems Nespresso make it as hard as possible to do the simplest thing.

On a plus the shop did look quite nice but everything else sucked big time.

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"Cool but lame."

On the whole pretty average. 2011 was amazing I literally went every night but after the first showing of the brisbane festival I am not sure if there will be another viewing. It was just a little boring and slow and the music not as good as last year.

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"Cash only. Annoying. But good food."

In this day and age what kind of establishment only accepts cash.

It can’t be hard to set up an eftpos machine. You can even do it through an iPhone nowadays.

On a plus the sushi is delicious. Very yummy in my tummy.

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"Would you like a meal with your avocado"

There is a clear ratio of avocado to rest of meal that needs to be adhered to and in this case the ratio was drastically violated. There is only so much avo a man can handle.

Chives were delish though. Great restaurant on the whole.

Minimal veggie options as well.

In the interest of full disclosure I do hate avocado with a passion an hence should not have chosen a meal with avocado in the first place.

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"Bought 1 item and was 1 item too many"

Incredibly frustrating. Had to sign up about five times and each time it said there was an error and so I would start again and then said I had already used that email address so had to keep using different emails and usernames. Infuriating.

I eventually managed to sign up and paid for my item which was long and arduous. eBay need to look at how smooth amazon makes payment.

The site needs a refresh as well. Hasn’t changed much from when I last went on like five years ago.

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"The ads to music ratio nowadays sucks."

I know you need to make money so you bombarded us with adverts but try and not play 3 mins of music to 10 mins of adverts it is infuriating.

I don’t listen to adverts ever. I always change the channel anyway in my quest for music so the more ads you play the less you have me as a customer.

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