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8 years ago

App and Website Updates

Hello all, its been crazy busy at Eggitt. We put in some solid hours and did a major redesign of the Eggitt app (now version 1.3.1) and we are super super happy with it. If you haven’t downloaded it yet just hit the App Store button that is on pretty much every page.

We have also been working hard doing lots of little fixes to the website with a slightly new layout and some small changes to the design. As always we would love to hear what you reckon you canĀ drop us a line anytime you desire.

In the coming weeks there should be a 1.3.2 update to fix a few issues with the app and some big improvements to author profiles and voting and rankings on the website. All really exciting.

Oh and we have started work on the Android version of the app but realistically might be a couple of months yet, sorry.

Anyway, back to work…


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