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"A little less talk, a little more action"

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I always thought Virgin was a wonderful company but after my recent experience with them I think I shall stick with Qantas! From the begin to the end of the flight I was subject to rude service with hostesses that acted like they would rather be anywhere else. When I arrived at my seat I was excited to see a large Menu as I was quite hungry however I was extremely disappointed to fine the Menu served a total of 4 items; 2 of which were not available on my flight since it was under 3hrs. Literally half of their large menu with minimal options was taken up by Virgin boasting about their “celebrity chef” which created the 4 menu items, yet each meal sounded cheap and disgusting. I ended up buying some overpriced cheese and crackers which was more simular to a meal found in my high school lunch box than a meal on an airline with a celebrity chief!!! So I suggest Virgin spend less time talking about how great they are and more time proving it!!!

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Reviewed by Peter

"Will stick with Qantas from now on"

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Seats were cramped. Food was terrible and expensive but tasted cheap. The lounge was nice but the rest of the trip was a shocker. Qantas all the way.

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