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Reviewed by Peter

"Centrelink – Worst company/organisation in Australia"

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I tried to deal with a situation online as I knew their phone service is terrible but at the end was told that I need to contact them within 14 days. I spent an hour on hold, only to run out of $30 worth of credit before even talking to someone then went into the office and was in the que for an hour before being told that they were closing and to come back tomorrow.

Brought more credit and spent another hour on the phone and lining up at their office the next day and eventually got it sorted.

Very frustrating.

Either emply more people or stop the employees chatting and gossiping and not helping anyone.

Also when you phone up, stop with the voice recognition stuff, its crap, I am quite capable of pressing 1 for yes and 2 for no. Also don’t ask so many questions on the phone only to have the operator ask the same questions again, do you not save the data or something.

Horrible company

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Reviewed by Billy bob

"Helping no one everywhere"

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Once again centrelink has unfairly fucked me over and destroyed my life.
They are the best

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Reviewed by

"User Busy"

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You are simply uncontactable. This is ridiculous. I couldn’t even be put on hold. ahhhhh sort it out!

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