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"rubbery eggs"

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The rooms are small and uninteresting, the fridge, at the end of the lumpy bed, hummed all night and couldn’t even be unplugged. This hotel has no room service and I was very hungry. The bathroom sink was all design and no function. The breakfast buffet was a shocker; over cooked eggs, stewed tomatoes, baked beans all simmering away for hours in those little hot boxes. The pastries were the texture of cardboard. Typical two star hotel pretending to be a resort

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MAKE SURE YOUR CHIPS ARE FRESH!!!!!why would I want to eat soggy/stale chips. Your ads paint a very different picture to what I am getting at your drive through window. A significantly lower standard of produce to what I expect! lift your game. SOON! why would i drive all the way to get something that isn’t even remotely satisfying!!

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