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"Why do you need my personal info to buy coffee. STUPID."

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Why on earth do I HAVE to sign up to buy coffee capsules. It took way too long and was so bloody annoying. I just needed to buy coffee for a friend to do a nice favour and I ended up being in that stupid “boutique” for way too long handing over all kinds of personal information so I could buy a COFFEE. What is the World coming too.

I honestly do not want you to keep track of how much coffee I have been drinking and what flavours I like, I know all that info I dont need you to tell me.

Shopping should be as easy as possible and it seems Nespresso make it as hard as possible to do the simplest thing.

On a plus the shop did look quite nice but everything else sucked big time.

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Reviewed by Peggy

"Greens & No."

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I’ll start with a compliment. The set up is cool. This is the only compliment I can give the place. The cakes are from the same wholesaler that supplies almost every cafe in Perth. And they’re usually delicious, but at greens they taste an look old. The service doesn’t make it better. Both rude and slow. If you manage to get your beverage of choice despite the lackluster service, I promise you, it will be on par with the other disappointing features of this overrated institution.

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