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Reviewed by Mrmeto

"Coffee tasted good, price may vary on your negotiation skills"

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So finally I get the chance to try Etro coffee. I would have done so sooner, yet it seems you need to get there before 2pm or the close. This is the 5th time ive been there. The must see me wanting a take away coffee and go “oh… Can’t be stuffed.. Tell him we’re closed”. Who’s heard of a coffee joint closing at 2pm! The only way I can see them still operating is the fact that they charge $4 for an espresso which might I add the waiter sounded like he just made up the price.. It was like a garage sale. I should have negotiated the price! I don’t know what all the fuss is about? This joint will charge a kidney for a biscuit and a coffee, in my opinion not worth it.

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Reviewed by Cindy

"Dried up."

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Here lies a business that used to be great, previously known as pantry door now renamed and re vamped into comething that is tragic. A clash of design. Modern wood panels inserted against old Victorian styled wallpaper. I can see what you’re trying to do but unfortunately it hasn’t worked. Anyway- to the point. I ordered my sausage roll(pork,pear and pistachio) very nice. Then I wanted to treat myself to something not too big and since all of your cakes are served to feed an elephant I decided to go for the not so mammoth sized raspberry and coconut slice. It was one of th driest thing I’ve ever tasted. It was like sand with two raspberries sprinkled on top. As my boyfriend went to take a piece he dig his spade into the sand an it completely snapped and fell onto the floor- this is an indication of how brittle it was(and I didn’t order peanut brittle) anyway it was rather flavorless also. I really miss pantry door. The food and design was full of flavor!!

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