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"Over priced and terrible"

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The omelettes are a disgusting disappointment! I also saw the waiter drop a piece of toast and put it back on the plate!!! He did end up replacing the toast but it still touched everything else on the plate! Plus they got my order wrong.

For some strange reason I went back for breakfast a week later and order the salmon eggs Benedict which was a terrible mistake. The meal was drenched in what tasted like a store bought hollandaise sauce.

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"Movie Studio intros on DVDs need to go for a swim with the fishes."

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With all due respect to Movie Studios I love your films but I personally do not care if a film is by Warner Bros or Lucas Films or whatever.

Once I have a DVD in my DVD player I have already paid you money, why annoy me by not letting me skip your movie studio intros. I have seen them literally thousands of times and I will reiterate, I will not, not see or see a movie based on what studio puts the film out.

I just want speed and ease in my life, please let me skip your intros and get to the main event. Thank you

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Reviewed by Cindy

"Yuck yuck"

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They don’t even have a wide variety and it is not fresh. Service is terrible. Lease hire ppl with general understanding of good hygiene!!!

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