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"Office doesn’t work"

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Just generally bad in every way. Unfriendly service, Depressing location and inconvenient lack of escalator going down. Also they make you pay for plastic bags! Which is rediculous! Plus I was wrongly advised on how to fix my printer and spent 150 dollars buying something i didn’t need which the unfriendly employes told me to buy. He didn’t even tell me anything about it either. Also I needed to print something for uni since they advertise printing services however I was rudely told by the man working there that I need to make a booking!

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"A Purgatory of Sorts…"

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Hmm…Explain my experience? I didn’t have an experience. I was greeted by a man without a soul. He then, due to his lack of knowledge, asked for customer service through the soul less loud speaker. I then wrote a short story series as I waited for the ‘expert’ employee to tell me what I wanted. I was relieved to get the information and it was helpful that he didn’t have soul either so I was able to understand what he said quickly and efficiently and make my way back to zombie one to be rudely checked out. Oh and he didn’t offer us a receipt. Overall I left office works an unchanged man. Almost like being trapped in purgatory…

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