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Reviewed by Angry bird

"Tiger airways bs"

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I had to pay 67.50 to check in my skateboard ($60+$7.50 card surcharge)! Even though I put it inside my bag!! Apparently sporting equipment inside or outside your bag (including tennis balls) needs to be checked in separately…

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Reviewed by Asim

"Should be scrambled"

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Tiger Airways needs so be “scrambled”. Not enough eggs can be thrown at this airline. Even the Government closed them down for some weeks. To fly with these guys you need to be examined. Expect to be delayed, expect to be ripped off, I had to pay 25 dollars because I checked in within 4 hours even though I tried on line. They cut it off 4 hours before you fly. The terminal they use at Melbourne is like a Third World Airport. I am surprised they still fly as I have never met anyone that would ever fly with them a second time.

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