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Oh my lord this place is annoying! The current renovations going on are just ridiculous! I have been woken up every day this week by loud hammering and drilling! Plus I just had to wait (in the disgusting burnt plastic fumes) at least 7 minutes to catch an elevator since the other one is strictly for the construction workers but ends up being un used for the majority of the day! Why do they even need their own elevator?!! I seriously dont understand why they wouldn’t wait till the christmas holidays or something when this place is pretty much dead to do the renovations. I have not had a very good experience living here this year. When I went down to ask why the noises were so loud in my room (since the renovations are happening on the opposite side of my floor). They said that the noise must be carrying and “aren’t you lucky.” They are so rude!

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Reviewed by Lexa

"Whats up with taxi’s these days. Come on people!"

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Just thought I’d warn anyone who wants to book a cab somewhere that’s not in the CBD you will have to organize it through rude employees, wait usually an hour and sit in funky smelling cabs. Not happy!!

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