Golden Eggs


Oh my lord this place is annoying! The current renovations going on are just ridiculous! I have been woken up every day this week by loud hammering and drilling! Plus I just had to wait (in the disgusting burnt plastic fumes) at least 7 minutes to catch an elevator since the other one is strictly […]

I got 99 problems and they all f***ing Telstra

The company is just a pain in the neck to deal with. So over it.

Australia post, delivers again:(

I order sight and sound magazines from the UK. Their expensive, but the only magazine I feel is worth getting if your into the film industry. Anyway, mine turn up a little soggy. This makes me wonder why the fuck do I pay for a PO box address when the only reason I had was […]

Tastes like fish

The onion salsa tastes like fish and who puts corn in tacos?

Office doesn’t work

Just generally bad in every way. Unfriendly service, Depressing location and inconvenient lack of escalator going down. Also they make you pay for plastic bags! Which is rediculous! Plus I was wrongly advised on how to fix my printer and spent 150 dollars buying something i didn’t need which the unfriendly employes told me to […]

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