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"SAT: Assistance from Advice Counselors: Training 8"

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SAT: Assistance from Advice Counselors: Training 8

Sarah Newlin, Testive’s Suggestions Counselor Outreach Consultant, explores how direction counselors tend to be preparing for the fresh SAT and what advice they will be giving families and students.

So , what are guidance counselors telling their pupils about the BRAND NEW SAT? The fact is, not all very much just yet. Nearly every one is still recognizing for themselves the particular changes suggest for the examine content and quite a few don’t desire to pile useless stress upon students and fogeys. After all, the faculty Board continues to in the process regarding releasing advice about the new evaluation to the common.

That said, a good number of counselors find a way to fall into two camps the advice there’re giving:

Camp one: Focus on the particular ACT

The theory behind this position is usually that the ACT is really a pretty constant test for a long time. This equals more common knowledge about the exam and the accessibility to more high quality practice items. In short, test-takers and those just who help them organize the ACTION tests, will better foresee what the ACT will be such as on test out day.

Conversely, the College Deck will only currently have limited ‘official’ practice stuff available as well as that will not get as vetted as present-day SAT perform material such as Blue Guide. Until a handful of administrations with the new analyze have handed and any specific kinks have been worked out, quality content only will be fairly unknown in addition to unknowable.

This seems to be a well known stance, simply because evidenced by way of the ACT outpacing the POSED in terms of the wide variety of students getting it. Actually , recent posts in country wide magazines just like Forbes quite possibly espouse this kind of view.

Camp a couple of: Take them each, then pick one and carry it again

This approach appreciates that various students normally perform different on varied tests. Rational, right? In past times this has most certainly been valid. The concerns on the SEATED and the REACT, while on the face testing comparable math aspects, vocabulary as well as reading understanding skills, are pretty several in method and introduction. The REMAINE has the standing of being more susceptible to unsuspecting ‘tricks’ along with testing techniques, while the TAKE ACTION has the trustworthiness of being mare like a content-based analyze.

The amusing thing around the NEW HID though, is usually that the changes appear to make it similar to the FUNCTION . Therefore , it may be that will differences in overall performance will be less pronounced than in the past. But again, we won’t really know for quite a while. In the meantime, this option trading strategy remains simply because sound as the other for lots of students nowadays.

What you can do

Throughout deciding which often approach to acquire (or neither), keep in mind that for the Class about 2017 and beyond, the revolutionary SAT could, at some point, has stopped being spoken connected with as the NEW SAT in addition to become the HID. It is the one they will carry, should they choose to take the POSED (and PSAT). There won’t be a choice inside matter in terms of what adaptation of the LAY to take, merely choice relating to the ACT as well as the SAT.

This whole discussion has a reduced lifespan and it is really most relevant for latest sophomores who have took the exact PSAT final fall and will eventually take it yet again next tumble as second. The upcoming PSAT will probably be in the brand new style to will have knowledge with both the old and unique versions from the test. Yet no one else will (at least only a few others will… some existing sophomores maybe few younger have it’s possible taken the latest SAT).

For that reason our tips, and the guidance of most information counselors is don’t let this unique be cause of panic! Opt for your tactic and then, prepare! And, if you choose start making up, however you choose to prep, be sure you are using up-to-date material that is definitely geared to typically the version with the test you’ll be taking.

KOMMET: Advice via College Tickets


Are school admissions expert prepared for your NEW SAT? Kirk Daulerio from AdmitHub chimes in on this critical topic.

How do you feel the NEW LAY will affect the college plan process?

Tight to say. It looks like it will take a few years of research on the part of organisations. From the understanding, the latest SAT (in Critical Examining at least) will utilize more specific lines with questioning, i actually. e. words/questions that young people are actually prone to use in daily conversation.

What exactly questions will you be seeing about the NEW HID?

We never have gotten so many questions about the NEW POSED yet, nonetheless we have a good standardized examination section on this website wherever parents and also students is able to keep abreast of everything that conversations are actually happening on this topic to come.

How are university admissions agencies preparing for these kinds of changes?

When writing this post, we inquired the following question on our website, ‘How do you think the new KOMMET will affect the college university admissions process? ‘

The actual Vice President associated with Enrollment Expert services and Dean of Admission at Cooper Union experienced this to say:

‘From a practical perspective, college vestibule offices have plenty of information about the redesigned HID.

The College Mother board has facts online and offers in-person workshops to help educational facilities prepare beforehand. This incorporates learning how to assimilate the new KOMMET I structure within our individual information products, how the completely new exam deviates from a scoring and subject matter perspective, along with preparing this staff and faculty on-campus for your changes.

The same as when the School Board extra a crafting section the government financial aid 2005, a good number of colleges are going to accept the old and new models for a while as well as assess following a few admission cycles, should the new analyze is aiding us to higher select inward students.

By far the most accurate way for you to determine how someone college will be using the re-designed SAT will be to contact the schools directly. ‘

In the Class about 2017, who will be able to take the current SAT in the drop and the BRAND-NEW SAT on the spring, which in turn test whenever they take?

Only were taking test, I may lean toward the NEW KOMMET because:

  1. The NEW POSED will offer more life-relevant lines of problems, and
  2. We will see no outcomes for bad answers

However , having said that, students should consider preparing for often the SAT by subtracting practice testing. The same is true of ACT Ready, and whichever they think most comfortable along with, have in it!

When students have both SATs and do beautifully on one without the other, could they be required to outline both dozens?

In most cases, Report Choice enables students to pick out which scores to send in order to colleges. Still according to the University Board internet site:

If you decide not to utilize Score Alternative, all of your scores will be delivered to your users. You should however feel comfortable posting all lots, since many colleges look at a student’s finest score.

Moreover, it seems that educational facilities will be supplied a concordance table to compare scores to exhibit how to touch the a mass of one check to the so thousands of the other. Concordance tables permit admission agencies to have regularity when assessing applicants which happen to have taken unique exams.

That really the dissertation will be recommended, who do you really recommend need to complete the main essay and even why?

Influenced by a past or present student’s list of college students appreciate it colleges and their requirements, he or she might take into consideration taking the essay or dissertation. Another way to think about it is, most likely already presently there, why not take it? Some schools will require the main essay, so if you’re not sure whether or not you must take it, make sure you review the very admissions guidelines of the educational institutions you’re interested in previous to signing up for the NEW SAT.

Because the uncertainty with the NEW KOMMET, do you think often the safest wager is to do the ACT?

Often the ACT is a superb test, but it surely presents varied challenge compared to SAT. Normally, if you are a powerful reader and also fast staff member, the FUNCTION is a good choice. As I mentioned earlier, all of us suggest getting a practice examine in every single and observing which you think more comfortable through.

How can mother and father keep educated about the UNIQUE SAT or maybe college university admissions in general during the coming many months?

Sign up for Testive’s NEW SITTING Academy to see the AdmitHub website. The group Board is additionally providing upgrades.

Any very last words about wisdom?

Shouldn’t stress! That it is just a examine. Plus, you can always go experiment optional on the colleges that supply that if your own scores can not show your finest side.

Kirk Daulerio is a an ancient admissions police at Princeton, University regarding Pennsylvania, and Bowdoin College or university. AdmitHub’s discussion board, AboutAdmissions, is usually an industry-supported online community of admission and advising professionals supplying free as well as open information about university admissions. Check out their podcast, too!

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