Terms, Privacy and Legal

Terms, Privacy and Legal

Eggitt.com is owned and managed by ARH Media PTY LTD which is an Australian
registered company.

ARH Media is providing a platform to express opinions. Information on the site is not solicited by ARH Media nor is it the companies own opinion.

We are trying to run a fair platform and whilst we are not editorially judging information, if we encounter comments/information that is racist, sexist, illegal or incorrectly defamatory or has been disagreed with over a certain threshold egg rating system) we will remove the remarks.

We do not monitor information added to the site in real time. We have measures in place to make sure incorrect information isn’t added but cannot guarantee information added to the site has not been seen by a member of staff before it is live on the website.

We operate under the laws of Queensland, Australia and are an Australian registered company.

Please contact us if you feel a business has been unfairly egged and we will be happy to investigate.

Terms and Conditions

All information added to the site must be 100% truthful and accurate. If something is found to be false or inaccurate it will be immediately removed.

Eggitt does not want to unfairly harm a businesses reputation we simply want to try and improve businesses mentioned on Eggitt.com.

Eggs must not identify people by names or give out any personal information about anyone.

By submitting information to the website or app you are allowing Eggitt to edit or remove that  information.

When submitting information to the site you must accept our terms to continue.

Any Egg that does not abide by Eggitt’s Terms will be removed.

By submitting any content to the site you are allowing it to be used for commercial, promotional, marketing or any other use.

By accessing Eggitt.com you accept the Terms and Conditions which can change at any time.

Privacy Policy

Eggitt.com reserves the right to distribute aggregated information provided by the user.

Eggitt collects very little personal data, but if you submit a review to the website you may wish to provide your name (this will be seen publicly) or you may wish to use a pseudonym or nickname to remain anonymous.

This name will be used to promote your review and you are allowing this name and any information submitted to the site to be used for promotional and commercial purposes for example on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

We will never publish your email address. You have the option to sign up to our mailing list but its super easy to unsubscribe if you desire.

Limitation of Liability

Users use Eggitt services entirely at their own risk. Eggitt does not guarantee the accuracy of any information on the website and wish to make it clear we are a platform for people’s opinion. Non of the ‘eggs’ or reviews submitted to the site are endorsed personally by Eggitt.com or ARH Media.

In no event shall Eggitt be liable for any damages whatsoever or held in any way responsible for accidents incurred as a result of information found on Eggitt.com. This includes direct or indirect damages for anything related to the website.

Business Owner/Manager

If you are a business owner who feels that information on the website is incorrect, or that your business has been incorrectly portrayed or information is inaccurate then please contact us to apply for a business owner account to comment on reviews and have your say. Your identity will need to be verified before your account is approved.

Contact Us

For more information about privacy or our terms please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Just to Clarify

We do not want to cause any harm to businesses, negative reviews on Eggitt are not supposed to cause damage businesses but merely to get them to improve on certain aspects.

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